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May 26th, 2017    

E155: Takeover Chicago Reaction

Brian, Golda and Roadie Rob react and discuss Takeover Chicago. Asuka, Bobby Roode and AOP continue on their undefeated streaks. Hideo doesn't impress, Dunne vs Bate put on the possible match of the year and #DIY swerves the world with an emotional classic tag team break-up. @smartmarkshow on Twitter


May 24th, 2017    

E154: Shane McMahon, Show Me the Money!

On this edition of Tuesday Night SmarkDown, Adam, Kiara, Bob, Brian, Steve Awesome, and Roadie Rob share their views on the 5/23/17 edition of WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. Jinder Mahal stands tall as WWE Champion, Shane McMahon announces the Money in the Bank participants. The women get the green light for their own MITB match. Kiara gives us another Kiaracter Flaws segment and as always, a little dissension in the ranks of the fan faction. Professional wrestling conversation and more. 


May 23rd, 2017    

E153: A Return to a Golden Era?

On the panel for this edition of RAWESOME is Maybe Medine, Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Golda, and Kiara for brief moment. We run through some current dirt sheets, react to WWE Monday Night RAW from 5/22/17, and have a little fun. You can hear us debut MARKSTERPIECE THEATER, where we will reenact a scene from the movie Idiocracy in the style of Pro Wrestlers through the eras. A little fighting with live audience trolls and more professional wrestling conversation. 


May 22nd, 2017    

E152: WWE Backlash Reaction

The Marked Out Faction discuss the results of 2017's WWE Backlash PPV. How does the Jinder WWE Champion angle help or hurt the company moving forward? Did Nakamura make the debut he needed to?


May 18th, 2017    

E151: Ohno! Cien Loses Again!

Brian, Roadie Rob and Golda react to the 5/17/17 showing of the weekly NXT show on the WWE Network. As we run down the program we analyze the development of Drew McIntyre, the thrown together Takeover match of Strong and Young and the continuing slow paced heel turn of Asuka. We make our prediction for Takeover: Chicago and discuss the lack of interest this PPV has on each of us. 


May 17th, 2017    

E150: Will Nakamura and Dolph steal the show?

On this episode of Marked Out Pro Wrestling Podcast: Smarkdown edition, Adam Baum (@markedoutabaum), Brian (@markedoutBT), Kiara (@MarkedoutKiara), Bob from Memphis, Steve Awesome (@markedoutSteve) and Roadie Rob (@MarkedoutRob) discuss the 5/16/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. We make our Backlash predictions, Kiara attempts Kiaracter Flaws, Adam hosts real name trivia and general Professional wrestling conversation. 


May 16th, 2017    

E149: A Real Kick in the Nuts w/ Dean Ambrose

On this RAWESOME episode of MOWP, @markedoutrob, @markedoutBT, @markedoutSteve and Maybe Medine react and review Monday Night RAW from 5/15/17 with our Big Ass Topics and the RAWESOME Awards. We play best versions: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. In the dirt sheets we have an in-depth conversation about Randy Orton's tweets about Indy wrestlers. General wrestling mark conversation. 


May 11th, 2017    

E148: Hideo the new number one Contender!

@markedoutBT, @markedoutrob and @mattgolda react and review the weekly NXT show on the WWE network from 5/11/17. Ember moon is out for takeover Chicago, Roadie talks about why he DID NOT like the Strong v Hideo main event. Some dirt sheets and more Pro wrestling conversation. 


May 10th, 2017    

E147: Jinder the NEW legend killer?

@markedoutabaum, @markedoutBT, @markedoutkiara, @markedoutsteve, @markedoutrob and Bob from Memphis react to the 5/9/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. Jinder makes a statement at the hands of Randy Orton, The Uso's declare "12 days" and Charlotte reintroduces herself to the Smackdown roster. Pro wrestling conversation and Bob hosts trivia. Oh yeah! Kiara impersonates Nakamura in the newest edition of Kiarachter flaws.


May 9th, 2017    

E146: Thank Goddess for Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss saves the day as the only watchable segment of the 5/8/17 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. @markedoutRob, @MattGolda, @markedoutSteve and Maybe Medine react to the show the best they can considering what they were given. Daniel Price's Piledriver Playlist Vol II is released and we discuss our favorite versions of Mick Foley. Professional Wrestling reaction and general conversation from a fan's perspective. 


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