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Weekly pro wrestling show w/ emphasis on all WWE products. We try to have fun with different segments & topical wrestling conversations. We are not so-called insiders or experts; simply a group of friends who enjoy talking about the product. We can be corny or real, but never take ourselves too seriously We enjoy the work we put into it so If you enjoy our show - sub. If you don’t, cool…we won’t be offended.

October 18th, 2018    

E388: Suckdown 1000

Adam and Medine talk about the overhyped, under producing Smackdown 1000 episode


October 12th, 2018    

E336: Adam goes solo!

Adam talks Smackdown all by himself 


October 9th, 2018    

E335: OMG!… RAW was watchable

Adam, Rob and Brian talk pro wrestling to include WWE Monday Night RAW. How the WWE is setting up the crown jewel, Austin Aries stand tall against short shaming, Jericho with anothe NJPW ambush and more. Brian has WCW trivia and Rob reads an email.


October 4th, 2018    

E334: Smackdown is just better!

Adam has a rare Tuesday night apperance by the Bionic Mark Brian. The duo will discuss predictions for Super Suck Down and examine this weeks episode of Smackdown Live. 


October 2nd, 2018    

E333: Super Stupid Showdown

Adam, Rob and Brian talk the world of pro wrestling, WWE, NXT, NJPW, ROH and more. The team makes their RAW roster predictions for the Australian themed Super Showdown.


September 25th, 2018    

E332: 10 BIG A** Topics

Adam, Brian and Roadie Rob talk pro wrestling in our new 10 Big A** Topics format. Thanks for the email Dan from Maryland!


September 19th, 2018    

E331: How to Book a Wrestling Show

Adam, Medine and Kevin talk about WWE Smackdown from 9/19/18. Becky stands tall in her new Becky 3:16 role, Cien Almas and AJ Styles put on a clinic for the universe and RAW still sucks. An expanded edition of the mudd report and Medine brings back "This Day in Wrestling History" Enjoy Marks!


September 18th, 2018    

E330: The Weekly Squash episode 1

Adam, Rob and Brian try something new, Something a little less WWE, Something a little les organized. Let us know what you think


September 13th, 2018    

E329: Smacking down RAW

Adam and Kevin talk WWE Smackdown and the stark difference between the two WWE television show. 


September 11th, 2018    

E328: Not Watching RAW Anymore

Adam, Rob and Brian have decided that the WWE Monday night product has become unwatchable. We talk about RAW, NXT and the Mae Young Classic results. Next Monday night we will be discussing more independent promotions and less Monday night #RAW. 


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