Marked Out Wrestling Podcast

Weekly professional wrestling Podcast covering WWE programming and dirt sheets from throughout the industry. MOWP offers you a range of fan opinions, healthy arguments, trivia and fun creative segments.

June 27th, 2019    

E412: Smackdown Reaction from 6/25/19

Adam and Brian react and review WWE Smackdown from 6/25/19

June 25th, 2019    

E411: Undertaker can get Roman over… NOT

RAW and Stomping grounds review. Undertaker makes an unexpected return to aid Roman Reigns. The Brand Split is apparently a thing of the past while Joe offers a new challenge to Kofi and the WWE Championship. Rob and Adam nearly go to blows over a half full half empty debate. 

June 19th, 2019    

E410: WWE Stomping us into submission

Adam and Brian react to the go home show for WWE Stomping Ground on Smackdown Live from 6/18/19

June 18th, 2019    

E409: Rob likes it, Adam does not, Brian is…

Adam, Rob and Brian react to the go home show for WWE Stomping grounds on Monday Night RAW from 6/17/19. Rob believes that the show was a all around good RAW, Adam thinks it is the same garbage we have been getting and Brian agree with both of them. 

June 12th, 2019    

E408: Still watching Smackdown?

Vince McMahon continues to misuse the talent filled roster while continuing to feature the same 7 to 10 wrestlers over and over. Adam and Brian will discuss.

June 11th, 2019    

E407: Still Watching RAW?

Rob, Adam and Brian discuss Monday Night RAW from 6/10/19. Dirt sheets from around the world of pro wrestling and will Bianca Belair get called to the main roster?

June 5th, 2019    

E406: All About Saudi for Vince

Adam and Brian react and discuss the Saudi PPV go home show from WWE Smackdown Live on 6/4/19. Vince continues to kill his product.... full stop

June 4th, 2019    

E405: Takeover 25 Reaction

Roadie Rob shares his experience being in the crowd for Takeover 25 and the greatest Mark Out moment of his life watching the Street Profits win the NXT Tag Team Championships. RAW Review, You Good?