WWE reveals the RAW participants for the Money In The Bank latter match. Rob, Adam and Brian give their opions on why the booking process was flawed and lazy. No Robert Roode, No Cedric Alexander, No stories makes this weeks RAW a difficult watch.

April 24, 2019

E393: A New Day for KO

Adam, Brian and Bob talk Smackdown from 4/24/19. Kevin Owens shows his true colors against the New Day

Rob, Adam and Brian talk about a much improved Monday Night RAW from April 24, 2019. Robert Roode makes a glorious heel resurgence. RAW highlight a revamped tag division and AJ Styles sets a date with destiny at Money in the Bank against Seth Rollins. Oh Wait.. It's the FireFly Funhouse

Smackdown, say hello to The Roman Reigns Experience! Adam, Brian and Bob react to the April 16, 2019 edition of Smackdown Live and the second half of the Superstar Shake-up. Bayley is booed out of the building, Finn Balor joins the blue brand, and the Sky Pirates part 2 consisiting of Asuka and The Pirate Princess is introduced to Montreal. 

War Machine are now The Viking Experience, Glorious Gable was named the Usos in lower thirds, Debuts were made with no confirmation, AJ Styles rocks a new beard. These are some of the things that highlighted an underwhelming and disappointing Superstar Shake-up. Rob, Adam and Brian recap and react to Monday Night RAW from April 15, 2019.

Adam reacts and reviews Tuesday Night #SDLive after mania. 

April 9, 2019

E388: @RAWaftermania

Adam, Rob, Brian and Medine discuss the famed @RAWaftermania Can you say underwhelming? 

The MOWP faction of fans reacts following Wrestlemania 35. 

Adam, Brian and a returning Bob from Memphis wrap up the WWE season with reaction to Tuesday Night Smackdown. We wrap up any last predictions and tie a bow on our pre-mania opinions. Dirt Sheets and Smarky awards.

on this episode of Marked out Podcast Rob, Adam and Brian run through both the Wrestlemania 35 and NXT Takeover Cards. We discuss each match and make our final predictions. Adam Vs Brian trivia game 6 in best of 7 series (This segment has been cut down, for full audio please go to Youtube/Twitch/Facebook pages). We will close the show with a discussion on the John Oliver piece. 

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