March 27, 2019

E384: A is for Asuka - EW

Episode 384 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast features Adam, Rob and Kiara discussing WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. Yep! Asuka is defeated two weeks before Wrestlemania 35 for her title by... you guessed it, Charlotte Flair. The New Day earns Kofi a spot for the WWE Title. Can Kofi go the distance at Mania, Is Asuka leaving for greener pastures? These questions and more.

March 26, 2019

E383: Last FAN Standing

We are just going to be honest with you here. This WWE RAW episode was BAD, not just bad, but HORRIBLE!. We reacted to the little bit that we thought we could talk about without completely shutting down. If we don't seem enthused or focused on this episode it is because we numbed ourselves in order to get through RAW. Enjoy!

Episode 382 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam and Brian react to the 3/19/19 edition of WWE Smackdown Live. Vince McMahon puts Kofi Kingston through the gauntlet, plus one. Dirt Sheets and other professional wrestling conversations.  

Episode 381 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast featuring Adam, Rob and Brian. We discuss another lack luster showing of WWE Monday Night RAW. Batista shows his acting skills or lack there of in a remote promo, Ronda Rousey's husband gets involved in the story, Brock lesner shows up then leaves, Drew McIntyre get squashed, Kurt Angle announces he will face Baron Corbin for his final match. We play Adam vs Brian trivia part 4, Dirt sheets and we review the Wrestling Observer 2018 end of year awards.

In this 380th episode of Marked out Podcast Adam ponders the question: How are RAW and Smackdown both WWE? Monday's RAW was nearly unwatchable and Tuesdays Smackdown was great.. get more details after you download this episode. Don't forget to rate and reviews on iTunes and Podbean. 

Episode 379 of Marked out Wrestling podcast features Adam Baum and Roadie Rob attempting to react to Monday Night @wwe #RAW from March 12, 2019. @TripleH and @davebautista share a CSPAN / AARP moment full of saliva and forgotten lines. @rondarousey continues to turn Rob from the WWE product and we discuss if @romanreigns was brought back to quickly, should they have waited until after #wrestlemania35 to have the Roman Return. All this a not much more on this episode of MOWP. Please rate and review 

The Marked Out crew discusses Tuesday night Smackdown Live from March 6, 2019. Daniel Bryan addresses the Universe, Ricochet and Aleister Black continue to dominate the tag division and Soma Joe FINALLY gets a singles belt. Adam and Brian play pornstar or wrestler and Rob joins in for some fun pro wrestling conversation. #SDLive

On episode 377 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast the fan faction discusses Monday Night #RAW from March 4, 2019. The SHIELD got the band back together....AGAIN. Ronda Rousey throws some shoot blows at Becky in a confusing twist to the weekends intense twitter feud. Bobby Roode shows shades of being a heel finally and we make our #Fastlane predictions.