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December 19th, 2018    

E357: Vince McMahon’s reboot of Smackdown Live

The McMahon Family brings the reset button to Smackdown Live. Forgotten talent gets opportunities to shine, wrestlers get to wrestle, and scripts are thrown away. Is the company reset a real thing, or will we go back to normal in a couple weeks? Is it too little to late or will the WWE fan base give Vince McMahon a second chance? Adam, Brian and Kevin will talk about it from a fans perspective.

December 18th, 2018    

E356: RAW Gets a reset

Vince makes an appearance on RAW to show a little humility and promises RAW will get a reset. Adam, Brian and Rob discuss if it is too little to late or are we willing to give Vinnie Mac the benefit of the doubt. 

December 17th, 2018    

E355: TLC Reaction

Adam, Roadie and Medine talk WWE TLC

December 12th, 2018    

E354: Askua Stands Tall

***PROGRAMMING NOTE*** Due to complications from the winter storm this show was cut short. Roadie, Kevin and Adam discuss the Smackdown version of the TLC go home show. Does Askua standing tall predict a win for the Empress of Tomorrow or will WWE once again bury her beneath Charlotte Flair. Is Mustafa Ali's face to face moment with WWE Champion Daniel Bryan signal a future title for Ali or an insurgence of "under sized" wrestlers on the main card? We make our TLC predictions as well.

December 5th, 2018    

E353: The New Daniel Bryan

Episode 353 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam, Brian, Kevin and Rob talk the WWE Smackdown brand from 12-4-18. Daniel Bryan takes a new persona and becomes a heelish champion for the Earth. Kevin is still a dumb Millennial, and Brian takes the helm for the late arriving Adam Baum. Some fun with our Youtube live and Twitch Live chat boards. Other industry conversations and rumors 

December 4th, 2018    

E352: General Manager Wet Cement

Adam, Brian and Roadie start this episode with a reaction to recent comments from Xavier Woods and a review of the RAW product from Taz. Roadie sets the record straight for Xavier on criticism of the product vs the talent #entitledinfants #RAW @WWE