Marked Out Wrestling Podcast

Weekly professional wrestling Podcast covering WWE programming and dirt sheets from throughout the industry. MOWP offers you a range of fan opinions, healthy arguments, trivia and fun creative segments.

August 31st, 2018    

E325: A Smackdown of a Show

Finally!! Rob and Kevin are on the same show and Adam is there as well. WWE Reaction and news, rumors and more from the world of professional wrestling... from a fans view

August 29th, 2018    


Adam, Brian and a self medicated Rob react to Monday Night RAW.

August 22nd, 2018    

E323: Samoan Styles

Adam and Maybe Medine react to the 8/22/18 showing of @wwe Tuesday Night #Smackdown Live.

August 21st, 2018    

E322: How to Protect Roman Reigns AGAIN… Believe That!

Adam, the Bionic Mark Brian and Roadie Rob react to the RAW after Summer Slam from Brooklyn. Roadie brings back the Roadie's Rant, Brian celebrates NJPW and Adam is here too.

August 21st, 2018    

E321: A New Low (Summer Slam Reactions)

Adam leads the reaction to Summer Slam 2018 with the help or just attendance of Rob, Irish and Brian. Roman and Brock main event for the 300th time and Roman finally gets over... yea!! {sarcasm}

August 15th, 2018    

E320: All By Myself

Adam goes legit solo as he runs through the go home show for #SummerSlam2018 on @WWE #SmackdownLive. 

August 14th, 2018    

E319: Dean Got Swoll, still Slow though

Adam goings into full mark mode as his fetish Dean Ambrose returns to WWE RAW from injury. We make our preditions for #summerslam2018 give out our #RAWESOME awards for #RAW and more pro wrestling conversation that Adam yells at us about. 

August 8th, 2018    

E318: Leave my Kids out of your mouth

Episode 318 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam, Brian and Kevin react to WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown.

August 2nd, 2018    

E316: A Slow Burn

Episode 316 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast features the duo of Adam Baum and Maybe Medine covering the episode of WWE Smackdown from 7-31-18. Is the Miz getting the upper hand in the Daniel Bryan fued, Should Nak and Randy team up as heels, will Rusev day be cancelled. All that and more on this episode.