Episdoe 315 of MOWP and the cast of Adam, Brian, Kiara and Rob brings you a variety of emotions. Anger to Laughter, Rob finds a distaste for the live audience and the phone system pays the price for it. Brian protests his theme music for the NJPW minute and more

July 25, 2018

E314: No! Not Ellsworth!

Adam along side Irish, and Kevin.....  Yes Kevin, react and review Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 7/25/18. We cover current news and rumors from pro wrestling and Irish has a shoot 

July 24, 2018

E313: The Cookie Monster

Adam, Rob and Brian hold back the giggles as they take a journey through Monday Night RAW. We talk some NXT, NJPW, News and Rumors from the world of Professional Wrestling.

Adam Baum goes solo as he recaps WWE Smackdown Live

nYour new host of Mondays, Adam Baum leads his crew of Brian and the fallen from grace Roadie Rob through a reaction of WWE Monday night RAW. Rob tries his hand at a NXT minute. Brian crawls through the Dirt Sheets and Adam asks everyone, "Who is the Jannety?

MOWP reaction to WWE Extreme Rules 2018

Adam, Medine, and Irish react to WWE Smackdown Live and make their predicitions for Extreme Rules

July 10, 2018

E308: A new regime

Adam takes hosting duties and Rob joins Brian as a panel member. We make our RAW roster predicitions for Extreme Rules and Kiara joins us for trivia.

Episode 307 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast. Adam and Medine react to WWE Smackdown. Kiara and Rob stop by at the end with a special guest. Adam is announced as the new host of RAWESOME in addition to Smarkdown

Episode 306 of Marked out Wrestling podcast