May 30, 2018

E296: #firekevin

Adam, Kevin and Medine discuss WWE Smackdown from 5/29/18and how the WWE obviously stack the deck for the FOX deal. 

Rob, Adam and Brian react to RAW, MITB build up, pro wrestling news and rumors. We ask the listners for their help in finding Kiara a ring name. 

May 24, 2018

E294: Kevin vs Rob

Adam leads a rowdy crew of marks in heavy discussion about Smackdown, Money in the bank, rumors and news from the world of professional wrestling. Listeners finally get their wish as Kevin and Rob take off the gloves asnd go head to head. 

May 22, 2018

E293: Chair Gliding

Rob, Adam and Brian discuss Monday Night RAW from 5/21/18. How are the MITB matches begin to shape up? Why do they continue to give Natty the pitty pushes? Can Brian crame NXT into a minute? We hear from lister Anaconda Vice and read Hall of Famer Noah Letter. Enjoy!

Adam, Rob and Medine have spirited debate on WWE Smackdown 5/15/18. News, rumors and trivia from Professional wrestling.

Roadie, Adam and Brian continue their Monday night bro-mances by reacting to Monday Night RAW 5/14/18. Brian attempts the one minute NXT recap, Adam thanks our facebook fans and some news and rumors from the world of professional wrestling. 

Adam, Medine and Kevin react to Smackdown from 5/9/18

Rob, Brian and Adam react to Monday Night RAW and the build to Money in The Bank

The marked out crew reacts to WWE Backlash

Adam, Brian, Medine and Kevin react to WWE Smackdown and predict Backlash

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