Medine and Adam review WWE Smackdown from 2/28/18. John Cena gets an oppurtunity to compete in the WWE Title match in hopes of a path to Wrestlmania. The guys talk about how horrible this is.

Roadie Rob finds himself in a difficult situation as Roman Reigns garners his approval. Did WWE finally find a way to get Roman over or is this just all a work to set up Wrestlemania. WWE Monday Night RAW Review from 2/26/18.

February 26, 2018

E265: Chamber of ZERO Secrets

Rob, Adam and Brian React to the 2018 showing of WWE Elimination chamber from 2/26/18. Brock dominates and Roman wins. The women make history and shine over the men, Asuka escapes defeat and they had other matches to. 

February 21, 2018

E264: A Roode 3-Way

Adam and Medine discuss WWE Smackdown and talk about the rumors and news of the day in professional wrestling.

Adam, Brian, Roadie Rob and Bob discuss the go home RAW before Elimination Chamber. Seth Rollins makes his claim to be the face of the brand and then backs it up with an iron man performance. RAWESOME Awards, Adam's dumb trivia, Dirst sheets and more. Twitter: @smartmarkshow

Adam and Medine react to the results of WWE Smackdown Live from 2/13/18. Medine does a special ROH edition of This Day in Wrestling History and Adam though of some dumb sh#t.

February 13, 2018

E261: 7 Person Chamber?

Roadie Rob, Brian, Adam and Steve have an entertaining reaction to WWE Monday Night RAW from 2-12-18. We talk about meeting the #theyoungbucks at Cracker Barrel. Extra Big Ass topics, RAWESOME Awards, NXT Minute with Brian, Dirt Sheets and News of Pro wrestling and a speed round on: Do you care about Rhonda in the WWE? Enjoy! @smartmarkshow

February 7, 2018

E260: Turn your Radio down

Adam and Brian react to WWE Smackdown from 2/7/18. Also talk to rumors of the pro wrestling world.

Adam, Steve and Brian react to WWE Monday Night RAW