January 31, 2018

E258: A Glorious Contender

Adam, Brian and Medine talk about the latest wwe programming and rumors of the pro wrestling world. Smackdown reaction 1/30/18

Rob, Adam, Brian, and Steve discuss Monday Night RAW, Royal Rumble and Takedown. 1/29/18

January 25, 2018

E255: Almost two with two

Adam and Medine talk Smackdown as the rest of us prepare for our 2 year anniversary during the royal rumble.

January 23, 2018

E254: RAW 25

The full family gets to gether to watch the 25th anniversary of Monday Night RAW. We make our Royal Rumble picks and discuss the latest Enzo dirt sheet.  

January 17, 2018

E253: a glorioUS champion!

Current WWE product discussion and just some marks shooting the shit. 

January 16, 2018

E252: Low Expectations

A full cast and the return of Brian to maybe not one of our best showings. Still better then RAW this week.

reaction from Smackdown Live 1/10/17. Adam, Medine and Roadie Rob

January 9, 2018

E250: Lowered Expectations

Roadie, Adam and Steve react to the 1/9/2018 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. 

January 5, 2018

E249: A Smarky New Year!

Medine and Adam bomb go couple skating as they react and discuss wwe Smackdown Live and other pro wrestling rumors from he week that was.

Happy 2018 as Monday Night RAW starts the new year exactly the way it left the last. Asuka Shines and Roman wins clean because.... well.... he is so great! Roadie Rob, Steve, Adam, Medine, and Bionic Brian discuss RAW and other professional wrestling storylines. Trivia... Dirt Sheets and more.