December 28, 2017

E247: Merry Christmas

Adam, Roadie and Medine discuss a week of wwe holiday programming 

December 20, 2017

E246: Just the Two of Us

Adam and Medine react to WWE Smackdown live from 12/20/17

December 19, 2017

E245: A Royal Revolution

Adam, Steve and Roadie Rob react to WWE Monday Night RAW from 12/19/17. Asuka is misused, Elias shows his swag, Woken Matt plays chess and did anyone hear anything Bray said? We will discuss the announcement of the first women's royal rumble, play some trivia and Roadie brings back the rant on dangerous wrestling, enabling fans and promoters. 

Adam, ROadie Rob and Medine react and review WWE Clash of Champions 2017

Adam, Medine and YEP YEP YEP the return of Roadie Rob react to WWE Smackdown and make predictions for WWE Clash of Champions.

December 12, 2017


RJ, Adam and Brian review Monday Night RAW from 12/11/17. We discuss the Rich Swann arrest and the state of the #metoo movement at legnth. How Royal Rumble is starting to shape up and finally.... RJ Black addresses why the decision was made for Kiara and Roadie Rob to leave the show and why they are now making apperances back.

December 5, 2017

E240: cruiserweights Shine

RJ, Adam and Steve react to Monday night RAW from 12/5/17. Matt is #WOKEN. Jason Bordom continue to NOT entertain us. Future Hall of Famer Grand Slam Champion Roman Reigns bookends the show and the Cruiserweights put on a clinic and steal the show.