@markedoutabaum, @markedoutBT, @markedoutkiara, @markedoutsteve, @markedoutrob and Bob from Memphis react to the 5/9/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. Jinder makes a statement at the hands of Randy Orton, The Uso's declare "12 days" and Charlotte reintroduces herself to the Smackdown roster. Pro wrestling conversation and Bob hosts trivia. Oh yeah! Kiara impersonates Nakamura in the newest edition of Kiarachter flaws.

Alexa Bliss saves the day as the only watchable segment of the 5/8/17 edition of WWE Monday Night RAW. @markedoutRob, @MattGolda, @markedoutSteve and Maybe Medine react to the show the best they can considering what they were given. Daniel Price's Piledriver Playlist Vol II is released and we discuss our favorite versions of Mick Foley. Professional Wrestling reaction and general conversation from a fan's perspective. 

On this edition of Thursday Takedown @markedoutBT (Brian), @markedoutrob and @mattgolda reaction to the weekly NXT show on the WWE Network from 5/3/17.

On this episode of MOPWP SmarkDown edition; Adam Baum, Kiara, Brian and Bob react to the 5/2/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. Kevin Owens regains his US title and then viciously assaults Chris Jericho a la Attitude era beat-down. Jinder starts a winning push towards Randy Orton and the WWE Championship. Kiara does her best Cena in the new hit segment, Kiaracter Flaws. Roadie Rob joins in later for a little banter and more professional wrestling conversation. @markedoutaBaum, @markedoutkiara, @markedoutBT, @markedoutRob

On this RAWESOME edition of MOWP @markedoutRob, @markedoutSteve, @markedoutABaum, @mattgolda and Maybe Medine react to the 5/1/17 showing of WWE Monday Night RAW. Finn Balor plays a heavy part in the overall storyline as the WWE tries to push the IC title as the number one belt on RAW. Alexa Bliss becomes the "Goddess" of Monday Night RAW and Bray Wyatt sets his sights on Finn Balor. We discuss a speed round on your favorite version of the Undertaker, listen to a few voicemails and give our RAWESOME Awards for the night. Other professional wrestling conversations and more. @smartmarkshow

The Marked Out Faction reacts to WWE Payback. Alexa Bliss shows what having "IT" looks like, Roman is squashed by Braun Strowman and more!