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January 31st, 2017    

Episode 101: The Destroyer!

On this hangover edition of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast, Roadie Rob and the faction have a sober reaction to the Royal Rumble and the unbelieveable apperance of Roman Reigns. Reaction to Monday night RAW from 1/31/17 and we reveal our newest in faction wager. We also recap NXT Takeover San Antonio.

January 30th, 2017    

Episode 100: Royal Rumble Reaction with Booze!

!!!!WARNING!!!! On this episode we celebrate our 1 year anniversary by drinking all day and through the show. Don't expect knowledgable analysis or coherant speech at times. This show is a long one as we celebrate our milestone more than react to the Royal Rumble. 

January 27th, 2017    

Episode 99: Takeover Predicitions

On this episode of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast Roadie Rob and Brian react and review the 1/25/17 edition of NXT on the WWE Network. We make our picks for Takeover San Antonio and take a few calls.

January 25th, 2017    

Episode 98: RAW Wins! RAW Wins!

On this SmarkDown episode of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast, the faction reacts to a lackluster edition of WWE SmackDown Live. We shake our heads at the addition of a 6-woman tag match at Rumble and contemplate if Smackdown is playing for Elimination Chamber and call it in on Rumble. More Royal Rumble talk and preditctions. Kiara does trivia, your emails and more.

January 24th, 2017    

Episode 97: Royal Rumble Predictions

On this extended version of Monday Night RAWESOME the Smart Mark faction discuss the many many story lines involved in the royal rumble PPV. Reaction to the various segments on the RAW going home show. Some Rumble Trivia, your emails and more!

January 18th, 2017    

Episode 96: Big Rowdy Bossman Be Ware

On this Smarkdown episode of Marked Out Pro Wrestling Podcast, the faction reacts to the 1/17/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. The women tangle up in a cage and Mickie James makes her main roster re-debut. Miz and AJ tangle up and Dolph continues his heel ways against Jerry Lawler. Some trivia that sends Rob through the roof and our Good, Bad and Glorious awards. 

January 17th, 2017    

Episode 95: Kurt FREAKIN’ Angle

A full faction in attendance for this monumental show. Where RAW under delivered as a whole, it gave us one beautiful nugget of goodness - the announcement that Kurt Angle is coming home. 5 Big Topics, RAWESOME Awards. In attendance: Roadie Rob, Adam, Steve Awesome, Kiara, Brian, Medine and special guest Irish.

January 11th, 2017    

Episode 94: 2 Steps Forward 1 Step Back

On this Smarkdown episode of Marked Out! Pro Wrestling Podcast, the faction of Smart Marks reacts to the 1/10/17 showing of WWE Tuesday Night SmackDown Live. Baron Corbin seems to have slipped from his apparent push. Ziggler continues to try to portray his new heel character at the expense of Apollo Crews and Kalisto. We play some Royal Rumble numbers trivia, Bob and Rob have some heated debates on qualification for the Hall of Fame and we take some calls on the fan line. 

January 10th, 2017    

Episode 93: 29 Holes for 29 Souls

On this episode of RAWESOME, Adam takes hosting duties AGAIN to react to the 1/9/16 showing of Monday Night RAW. Seth Rollins and Undertaker announce Rumble entries, Chris Jericho finally obtains the US Title, Rusev saves a Shawn Michaels segment? Trivia and some thoughts. 

January 5th, 2017    

Episode 92: NXT Takedown Debut

Roadie Rob and Brian take their Youtube Show to the airwaves of Podcast land. We discuss NXTs broadcast from Australia and spotlight Tommaso Ciampa's road to the WWE and some of his Indy background. Enjoy!

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