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October 31st, 2016    

Episode 67: “A Cold Day in Hell” or “There Won’t Be Blood”

On this, episode 67 of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast the smart mark faction reacts to the 2016 version of Hell in a Cell. WOW is the word of the night... meaning more like "wow, did they really end that way?" The faction gets REALLY heated over the hierarchy of championship belts.... get your popcorn.

October 26th, 2016    

Episode 66: We Don’t Need No Stinking Roster!

The Marked Out Wrestling Faction recaps WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live from 10/26/16 and discusses the WWE's epidemic of not using more than half their roster. Randy Orton joins the Wyatt family???? James Ellsworth hints at a heel turn and Survivor Series takes center stage. More Zim talk and a few listener emails.

October 25th, 2016    

Episode 65: You Can’t Go Home Again

On this episode of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast, RAWESOME edition, the faction discusses the slow paced, meaningless going home addition of WWE Monday Night RAW. We make our Hell in a Cell predictions and hear the latest correspondence from The Zim.

October 19th, 2016    

Episode 64: Infighting!

On this episode of Marked Out Wrestling Podcast, Smarkdown Edition, the faction finds themselves in a constant battle with each other over the latest episode of WWE Smackdown Live. James Ellsworth getting a victory over AJ Styles and more. Another edition of the Intergalactic Zone with the Zim and the Chat boards go cray cray.

October 18th, 2016    

Episode 63: You’re Last!

The faction recaps WWE Monday Night RAW from 10/18/16. A clear throw away show putting all the emphasis on the Return of Goldberg. New Day celebrate #420 days as champion in the Mile High City, Sasha and Charlotte are misused in two boring interview segments, Jericho finally stands up to Kevin Owens. Some Goldberg trivia, Roadie's Rant, Survivor Series discussion, and a #markedouttag5 segment.

October 12th, 2016    

Episode 62: The Phenomenal James Ellsworth

On this episode of Marked Out Wrestling Smarkdown edition the faction discusses James Ellsworth unlikely rise to the number one contendership to the WWE World Championship. Miz mourns the death of the Intercontinental Championship. Daniel Bryan and Shane challenging WWE RAW to a survivor series showdown, Brock vs Goldberg and other professional wrestling conversations. Submit your top 5 tag teams of all time via #markedouttag5

October 11th, 2016    

Episode 61: The Women Can Do Stuff Now!

On this episode of Marked Out Podcast the faction discusses WWE Monday Night RAW from 10/10/16. Big Ass Topics include Sasha and Charlotte in Hell in a Cell, WWE announcing 3 matches in the cell, and Jericho falling short of a title match. We talk our #markedouttag5 campaign and hear some wisdom from "The Intergalactic Champion The Zim" Steve talks his top ten wrestlers from North Carolina and Jack Swagger's 5 month bump. Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome, Adam Baum and Kiara joined by our online M.O.P.S.

October 10th, 2016    

Episode 60: Have You No Mercy?

The faction of Smart Marks discuss the 10/10/16 showing of the SmackDown Live exclusive PPV No Mercy. AJ Styles retains, Bray finally gets over, Dolph wins the IC and saves his career and WWE reaches a new low with bookings and match order. Roadie Rob, Adam Baum, Steve Awesome, Memphis Bob and one of our loyal listeners Kevin joins us for the show. 

October 5th, 2016    

Episode 59: No Mercy Predictions and Smackdown Recap

The faction discusses the 10/4/16 episode of WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live. We make our No Mercy PPV predictions, some more resume trivia and more. We also annouce our #markedouttag5 campaign to list the top 5 greatest tag teams of all time.

October 4th, 2016    

Episode 58 Part 3: #MarkedOutTop5

We have split episode 58 into a 3 part series. Part 1 is the normal RAWESOME segments covering WWE Monday Night RAW from 10/3/16. Dirt Sheets, Extra Big Ass Topics, and the RAWESOME Awards. Part 2 we play our interview with Adam Pacitti from WhatCulture and WCPW promoting his event REFUSE TO LOSE on October 6th on iPPV. Part 3 will run through our #markedouttop5. We all came up with our own personal top 5 greatest wrestlers of all time and compared them to our listeners... put them in to an equation  and came up with the ultimate Marked Out Wrestling Top 5 greatest wrestlers. Plenty of juicy fights and great debate points. Finally in Part 3 Roadie Rob fires back at the intergalactic champ.

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