The Smark faction discusses tonight's RAW episode and makes their predictions for Payback. 

Recapping RAW from April 18, 2016 the Faction discuss the upcoming Payback Card, Adam shows aggression towards Roadie Rob about his love interest Dean Ambrose. Steve Awesome announces a new segment, Kiara is at a loss of words...... again. Brian shows up late.... Again.

The Smark faction recaps WWE Monday Night RAW from 4-11-16. Roadie Rob fears Kevin Owens blocking him, Adam continues to take all the good opinions, Kiara still struggles with dead air, Steve is still old and Brian is late. A fans perspective of Professional wrestling and story line development.


The Smart Mark faction scaled back to just Roadie Rob, Steve Awesome and Adam attempts to recap and analyze the most popular RAW of the year. Raw After Mania!! We talk Best/Worst and our Extra Big Topics also we will complete our Smark Champion of Champions Tournament. One on one in the finals Hulk Hogan will attempt to overtake the Nature Boy Ric Flair as the undisputed Smark Champion of Champions. 

The faction recovers from having the wind knocked out of them by WWE Creative. Why do they continue to push Roman Reigns? How do they recover the story line with Shane? Why didn't Vince make an appearance? How weird was it having Cena assist The Rock? So many questions... very little answers

The faction discusses their own fantasy mania booking.