Marked Out Wrestling Podcast

Weekly professional wrestling Podcast covering WWE programming and dirt sheets from throughout the industry. MOWP offers you a range of fan opinions, healthy arguments, trivia and fun creative segments.

March 29th, 2016    

Episode 12 - Mania predictions and next round of Champion of Champions

The Faction discusses the RAW before Mania, Mania predictions and the final four match ups of the Champion of Champions tournament. 

March 22nd, 2016    

Episode 11 - The B… is Back and Champion of Champions Round 2 Part 2

With a full complement of Smarks the Faction discusses RAW, Mania, Headlines... a little trivia and just a whole lot of crazy. Show stars Roadie Rob, Adam bomb, Steve Awesome, Brian, and local stand up comedian Patrick. 

March 15th, 2016    

Episode 9 - Champion of Champions Round 1 Part 2

Sorry for the issues... we had to re-upload this episode

Rob, Steve, Adam and Kiara welcome former Indy Wrestler and local stand up comedian to the panel as we discuss WWE Roadblock and the next round of our Smark Champion of Champion Tournament. 

March 15th, 2016    

Episode 10: Champion of Champions Round 2 Part 1

Stev, Roadie and Adam Talk RAW, Mania and Champion of Champions. Old Balls report and the debut of Asshole Asylum.    

March 14th, 2016    

Episode 9.5: Southern Comfort BJ Lawton

Behind the scenes with a former indy wrestler and his terrible gimmick

March 8th, 2016    

Episode 8: Champion of Champions Round 1 Part 1

We discuss our extra big ass topics, Best/Worst of tonight's RAW. The guys run through the first round of our Smark Champion of Champions Tournament. Jump in on the fan line 24/7 with your opinions and thoughts (704) 444-0084

March 2nd, 2016    

Episode 7 - DayQuil, Benadryl and Geritol

The Smart Mark Faction attempts a recap of RAW while suffering from a number of ailments.Will the Main Event at Mania change? Who will KO defend his title against? Will there be a network PPV? Plus speed round from a listener.