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Roadie Rob, Mike, Adam and Steve Awesome discuss the Return of the forgotten son Shane O'Mac. Review some of the "matches" and PROMOS from RAW this week and dive right into Wrestlemania predictions. As always we do our Marked Out Speed round and discussion of the eras of Pro Wrestling. 

February 22, 2016

Episode 5 - FastLane Recap

We start the show recaping the WWE FastLane PPV results followed by Mania predictions. Some Faction Trivia and just full discussion of our displeasure of the direction of the WWE creative. 

February 17, 2016

RAW Recap 2-15-16

Brief recap of a promo heavy RAW. Steve Awesome FINALLY starts to admit his true love for #socialoutcasts, the crew argues over the possible outcomes of Fastlane main event. To close out a little fun with our speed round and trivia contest. 

February 9, 2016

RAW Recap 2-8-16

Recap of this weeks RAW and some fun speed round questions at the end. Kiara joins us and Steve Awesome cuts a promo against #Socialoutcasts

February 3, 2016

Post RAW review 2-1-16

The faction of Smart Marks discuss Monday's RAW episode. Roadie Rob unveils his Main Roster Mancrush, while Steve Awesome continues his hatred of #socialoutcasts and Adam expresses his desire to never see Ryback again. Enojy!